If you were to contact your current provider yourself to negotiate your contract, you will find that the majority of suppliers will only let you change contract within 30 days.

The good news is that with our combined buying power and relationships with suppliers we can now offer to arrange your contract anything up to 3 years in advance!

Most businesses unfortunately only start their research 4-6 months ahead of their current contract end date! This means missing out on a lot of opportunity for cheaper business electricity.

Some companies negotiate for their electricity more than a year in advance and others leave it until the last minute. Thats where Future Utilities comes in! We will monitor your contracts for the life of our relationship meaning you will never need to worry about the FUTURE of your ELECTRICITY BILLS!

The important thing to remember though is that although you can deal with us today for a contract commencing in 12, 24, 36, 48 or even 60 months time, it will not take effect until your existing contract has elapsed. You cannot switch to a better business electricity or business gas contract until your current deal ends but you can agree to a deal with us at any point that suits you! And secure the BEST DEAL at the RIGHT TIME!

You’ll normally be able to switch to new business electricity or business gas supplier if:

  • you’re not tied into your contract – it’s important to check when your contract ends and how much notice you’ll need to give if you want to switch
  • you’re on a ‘default’, ‘standard’ or ‘deemed’ tariff – this is a tariff you didn’t choose to be on, for example, if you’ve taken over new premises or your old deal has expired

If you’re not sure, We can always check for you – Contact us if you think you should be able to switch but your supplier won’t let you.  

Unlike the domestic sector your business cannot switch straight away unless you are currently out of contract*

As a result the time it takes to switch will be entirely dependent on your current contract end date.

The physical process of ‘registration’ with your new supplier can only start 28 days in advance of your current contract end date.

In the majority of instances your switch will then go live the day after your current contract ends. meaning your business energy savings have already begun!

*Your business will not be in a fixed term contract if:


  • You have recently moved into a premises and have not agreed a contract with an energy supplier
  • You have provided the correct termination notice to your supplier but have not left their supply following your contract end date



Yes, but we also offer variable and flexible deals to the right business if the offer is more suitable. Our contracts are available from 12 months to 5 years enabling us to secure the FUTURE of your BUSINESS ELECTRICITY and BUSINESS GAS!

Everything and everyone! No business is too large or too small to benefit from switching business energy suppliers!

Our current list of business types to name a few

  • Bars and Inns
  • Restaurants and takeaways
  • Retail shops
  • Farms and smallholdings
  • Manufacturers
  • Body shops
  • Gyms
  • Nightclubs

and many more.


Put plainly, we can offer better deals for the majority of businesses because we match the right energy SUPPLIER, (over 30 suppliers) to the right BUSINESS, saving the energy companies costly investment in advertising and promotions.

This results in the suppliers are better able to budget their marketing costs, meaning can they can provide more competitive prices by utilising our services to find them customers.

Marrying up the perfect couple, Business + Supplier = Secure Future